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500 Hats: How It Played Out

Wow, what a ride August 2009 was for me and my family. We witnessed a miracle firsthand, so I made a kind of random list of facts, updates and thank you’s to let you know where things stand as of September 1, 2009:

Total number of hat orders: 77

Total hats sold: 160

Favorite customer feedback response: Come on, buy a d*mn hat already.

Which order went furthest away: Austrailia, to Susanna Duffy, who also placed the first order. She also made a very cool hat lens that featured 500 Hats.

First 4 orders went to Susanna Duffy, ChefKeem, JaguarJulie and ChristopherScott. Thanks for believing in me and getting the ball rolling!

Love, Hugs and Thanks (in no particular order):

Extra special thanks to Janusz Biela for creating the 500 Hats logo. It’s perfect!

Loyalis and thefluffanutta for support,encouragement, and some really great Squidoo apps and tips.

Seth and Megan for creating the wonderful vehicle that became Squidoo.

Everyone who bought hats, blogged, bookmarked, posted links and Twittered about 500 Hats. Google shows over 40,000 returns for ‘500 Hats On Squidoo’ You’ve been busy!

Lion Brand Yarn for a Facebook post that directed over 3000 hits to the 500 Hats lens.

Cheerleader GypsyOwl, who called 500 Hats going #1 on Squidoo the day before it happened! Capt Squid Chat pals CleanerLife, Noadi and TrekkieMelissa who tweet and retweet.

All the new friends I’ve made on Facebook and Twitter. You rock!

Hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen of, for picking up on the story, promoting it on her show and on Twitter, and for buying 10 hats herself! She was so impressed with 500 Hats, she even gave me a job. 🙂

Ener-G and LakeErieArtists for their large orders.

Everyone who wrote and shared their stories with me. Nice to know we’re not alone. I’m praying for all of our financial recoveries.

Designer/Photographer Veronica King for her support and encouragement in getting the word out.

Lots of people who offered up their prayers and posted the link in their prayer chains. One such post got me an interview with El in Spain. Thanks to Lisa Murillo, Gladys Diaz and especially Lissette Valdes-Valle for the interview.

I was told yesterday that 4 out of 6 Tweets mentioning Squidoo also mentioned 500 Hats!

Kimberly, Megan and everyone at Squidoo and Megan Morris and everyone at Triiibes. Bonnie, AJ2008, Clouda9, boshemia, GrowWear, RickyRobi and the other Rocket Moms for all their support. Everyone in the Squidoo Intern Project, especially Alex Beattie and Jed Cohen.

Everyone who donated a hat to Modesto Gospel Mission. You’re helping to keep a lot of people in need warm this winter. Bless you for your generousity!

Everyone who ordered hats for themselves or as gifts. I love to hear your responses and see your smiling faces.

For everyone who couldn’t buy a hat. Your posts, links and tweets helped more than you know. You did a wonderful, incredible thing!

Thanks to all of you for your kind support, encouragement and just downright sweetness. If I’ve left anyone out, it’s not that I’m ungrateful, just exhausted! Big hugs to everyone who helped in any way. YOU made 500 Hats a success!

What about our house?

Because of your support, we’ve managed to make another payment to keep our status at 30 days late, and keep the wolf at bay. Still no word if the bank is willing to work with us. Not holding my breath!

I’m extending sales for 500 Hats until October 1, 2009, so if you’d like to buy hats for gifts, or to donate, you still have time!

Words fail to express our gratitude for your kindness and action in the past month. I hope the video will convey it better. Love to all of you!

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BadMsM & The Tribes Casebook

Well, in case you’ve just gotten your copy of Tribes by Seth Godin, Seth has an extra bonus for you: a free PDF download of the Tribes casebook!

The casebook was compiled from the site on Ning. It was invitation only for the first few months, and I was very humbled to be included. There’s a lot of good things going on there.

FYI- my submission is on page 173!

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Who Is Heloise?

If you don’t know by now, take a look here:

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Clean your home without killing yourself!

Anyone in your home have asthma or allergies to commercial cleaning products? What about other health or environmental concerns? Check out this link if you’re curious:

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Ever wonder about kilts?

Here’s a place to find out everything you ever wanted to know, including how to make a kilt of your very own!

How To Make A Kilt


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Are you expecting a new arrival?


Here’s a good, lighthearted resource for anyone looking for the perfect baby name:

Best Wishes & Congratulations!



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Yummy News Here!

If you love Dutch pastry, check out my favorite bakery in the world, Jaarsma’s Bakery in Pella, IA.


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More To Love…

If you’re looking for some light reading, or information on a variety of different topics, please check out my lenses on Squidoo! I currently hold the title of Giant Squid, which means I have created over 50 unique pages (or lenses) on the Squidoo site. Here’s the link:



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